Payments Made Simple



A different way to get paid

Designed for the tax office that may not typically participate in traditional tax refund related bank products.

Convenience for your customers

The convenience of their tax preparation fees being withheld from their refund prior to being direct deposited into their own bank account.


The Direct Pay program is an EPS first and it is a simple and streamlined method used solely for collecting tax preparation fees out of a taxpayer’s refund. Similar to credit card processing, the transaction cost is paid for by the tax preparer.

Tax prep fees are deducted from your client’s refund when disbursed from the IRS or State and the remainder is direct deposited to them. Your tax preparation fees are deposited directly into your bank account.  The fee is $12 per taxpayer, is paid for by the tax preparer, and is conveniently deducted from tax preparation prior to being distributed.

Easy Tax Refund Disbursement


Direct Deposit

The tax refund proceeds are direct deposited to the customer’s bank account


Simple Pricing – $12

Deducted from your tax preparation fees


Visit Drake Support select “Account” > “Bank Application” > “EPS Direct Pay”

Drake Direct Pay Screenshot

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