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Are you looking to earn additional income during the slowest time of the year without any effort?

You can now offer Tax Debt Relief Services

Through our new strategic partnership with Community Tax¹, your tax office has the opportunity to access referral-based Tax Debt Services. Give taxpayers or small business owners that have IRS tax debt the chance to resolve their tax debt and make a step towards financial freedom. And you receive 12.5% of collected fees from your referral!

Stay in touch with your customers and keep valuable revenue coming in!

Resolving tax debt issues for your customers in need will help boost taxpayer loyalty and turn them into customers for life.

  • All you have to do is refer your customers to Community Tax through our submission portal.
  • Community Tax’s team of professionals will investigate and recommend a solution that serves your customers’ needs.


Community Tax is a tax relief company that provides a

100% Service Guarantee

from start to finish!

Community Tax does the work and you keep the relationship!

  • Your customer files their tax return as normal with your tax office and if they accept their tax debt relief solution, Community Tax will bill them directly. .
  • For a flat rate (fee), Community Tax handles all the work and you receive 12.5% of each fee paid for tax resolution services.
  • In addition to this, Community Tax is fully bilingual (English and Spanish) from every employee position to every document offered.


Tax Debt Services FAQ

Why would I refer clients to Community Tax?

Who can you refer?

How long after filing taxes for a client should you wait to submit their referral?

Is there a guarantee?

How fast is the process?

What is the minimum amount in tax balances you work with?

Do you help my clients with back State taxes?

What states is this program available in?

How long does the tax resolution process take on average?

What are the different programs and what’s the qualification process?

Can’t I just do it myself?

Do you have suggestions on how to present the service to a potential client?

1. Tax debt resolution services provided by Community Tax, LLC which is not an affiliate of Pathward®, N.A. Fees, terms and conditions apply.