How to Shop for Bank Products at the Summer Trade Shows

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Are you ready to make the most out of your upcoming summer trade show?

Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge Taxpayer Advance Loans or other bank products, our networking advice will set you up for success. Here’s a step-by-step mini-guide to ensure you leave the trade show with valuable insights and meaningful connections. For this example, we’ll think through how you might approach shopping for taxpayer advance loans.

1. Pre-Show Research and Planning

Before attending the trade show, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research on the exhibitors. Focus on those offering bank products and services that align with your interest in taxpayer refund advances.

– Identify Key Exhibitors: Look at the list of exhibitors to find banks and financial institutions that provide refund advance products. Make a note of their booth numbers and locations.
– Schedule Meetings: If possible, schedule meetings with exhibitors in advance. This ensures you have dedicated time to discuss your needs without the rush.
– Prepare Questions: Develop a set of questions to ask each exhibitor.

For example:
 – What are the terms and fees associated with your refund advance products?
– How quickly can taxpayers receive their advances?
– What is the approval process like?

2. Set Clear Objectives

As a tax preparer, your objectives might revolve around finding the best refund advance products for your clients.

– Outline Your Goals: Identify at least three bank products that offer competitive rates and terms for refund advances.
– Understand Integration: Learn about the integration process of these products with your current tax preparation software.
– Seek Additional Support: Find out if the banks provide any additional support or marketing materials to help promote their products to your clients.
– Outcome-Oriented: Think about the outcomes you want, such as improving client satisfaction or reducing refund processing times.

3. Network Efficiently

Networking can provide valuable insights and help you form relationships that might benefit your practice down the road.

– Elevator Pitch: Prepare a concise introduction about yourself and your practice, highlighting your interest in refund advance products. For example: “Hi, I’m [Your Name], a tax preparer specializing in individual tax returns. I’m looking to expand our services to include taxpayer refund advances to better serve our clients.”
– Engage in Conversations: Don’t hesitate to ask other tax preparers about their experiences with different bank products. Networking events, workshops, and seminars are great opportunities to gain insights.
– Follow Up: Collect business cards and take notes on conversations. After the show, send personalized follow-up emails to continue the dialogue and explore potential partnerships.

4. Take Notes and Follow Up

The information you gather at the trade show will be crucial for making informed decisions about which bank products to offer your clients.

– Organize Information: Use a notebook or app to capture details about each product, such as features, benefits, fees, and any special promotions.
– Collect Materials: Gather brochures, flyers, and business cards from each exhibitor. Keep them organized in a folder for easy reference.
– Evaluate Options: After the show, review your notes and compare the different products. Consider factors like program launch date, approval times, customer service, and how well they align with your clients’ needs.
– Timely Follow-Up: Reach out to the exhibitors you’re interested in soon after the show. Ask for any additional information you need and discuss next steps for potentially integrating their products into your practice.

Ready to enhance your trade show experience? Start planning now and ensure you’re fully prepared to shop for the best bank products available.

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